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Posted by ChidiAzuh - October 22nd, 2018

From the depths of real life, I return to making my little cartoon and I haven't been more lit since. 

Some things I did in the few months got me close, but since I got back to work, I don't think I've been more happy. I'm super excited about the next three episodes, because they feature tales younger me wouldn't have ever dreamed of telling, but may have been glad existed. Maybe. I'm pumped to get back at it, but am wary, since I only have episode 7 voices all the way ready, but I mean, I'll get em done. The goal is to finish the season before the year ends, which will be next level daunting, since there are 10 or 11 weeks left of 2018 and 9 episodes of Westphalia. We'll see. 

The episode 1 re-upload was mostly composed based on critiques given about the first episode that I couldn't shake... not to say that it's perfect now, but at least the action is about as good as it would be if I did it now, rather than in 2016.
Here's to hoping I can get them out. The test I have to study and project have my attention the next few days...

Upcoming Projects:

-WESTPHALIA Episode 7 (10%)


Posted by ChidiAzuh - July 21st, 2018

Maan, this being late to my deadlines is a real bummer. It was demoralizing the first time it happened, but for my health, I had to shift my mind about how I let it hit me. It's still annoying nonetheless.

Ep 6 is cooking, but not near where I want it to be. The main fight sequence of the ep is done, backgrounds have to assembled, and 90% of the score is ready. All the voices were ready by Tuesday and lip sync for everybody was done today. Will it be out by, realistically, Sunday? I'm not sure, but I would love that. Maybe this break following midseason will let me set my schedule straight. 

Since I've managed to get into a groove of sorts, making the episodes, and doing school, the plan for next season and my next series will be to produce the episodes ahead of time, probably going a little dormant, or making side-content that involves less drawing. Not sure, yet. Changes to make going forward for sure, will definetely to get voices for the whole season done, off the bat. I've knocked out the voices for a few characters for the rest of the season, and just knowing I won't have to badger my friends or stop work to get them is nice. 

Finals for these summer courses and packing for a move have slowed me down, but its forward trecking. Imma tell this story if it kills me. ... ...


Upcoming Projects:

- WESTPHALIA Episode 6 (30%) (Feels more honest to leave a percent) 

Posted by ChidiAzuh - July 8th, 2018


No new episode this week, the holiday, a mis-timed mountain of schoolwork, and unfortunate developments in my personal life delayed tf outta this week's episode, which really grinds my gears, as I really wanted to keep to that. Nevertheless, I've got 2 of the 4 action sequences of the ep done and the whole soundtrack ready. I'm super excited for this one, the story begins an upward climb from this point forward(until it's ready, the last one is still my favorite). We're finally past the introductory eps and finally diving into the primary conflict of this season. 

Production-wise, from this point forward, Imma just take holiday weeks off, because all the time I can get, the better. After the Westphalia midseason finale(Episode 6), which is due out July 20th, I'm taking three weeks off the weekly schedule. Initially, this was so I could ease my mind for a week or so, but that ain't happening now. The plan is work on eps during those weeks like they're due that week to hopefully give myself some episodes ready in advance. For sure, Westphalia would return on the 17th of August with Episode 7. I'll also do one of my Artist Rendition videos during that break as, I've been doing a schedule of 3 Westphalia episodes, and then an AR vid. I'm really irritated that I'm off schedule, but only because I'm super excited to keep the show rolling.

Anywhosies, that about covers it... 



Westphalia Episode 5 - July 13th

Westphalia Episode 6 - July 20th